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The importance of removing snow and ice from your roof this winter

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The importance of removing snow and ice from your roof this winter

The accumulation of snow and ice on a roof can cause considerable human and material damage, hence the importance of snow and ice removal. It’s possible to carry out the operation yourself, but we strongly recommend that you enlist the services of a qualified professional who has the necessary equipment and skills to complete the job safely.

Why clear snow and ice from your roof this winter?

Clearing snow and ice from your roof this winter is first and foremost a question of safety. Falling snow or ice that has accumulated on your roof could seriously injure passers-by, including yourself.

Also, the pressure created by the accumulation of snow and ice can create cracks in the roof or even the entire structure. You could then face water infiltration or humidity problems.

Roof sagging is also a problem to be expected. Over time, doors and windows become increasingly difficult to open. In the worst-case scenario, the roof could collapse, causing major property damage and even loss of life.

When should you remove snow from your roof?

As long as the depth of accumulated snow does not exceed a prescribed threshold, there is no need for snow or ice removal. So you need to check the level of snow or ice on the roof regularly to know when to intervene.

It is possible to carry out your own inspection, snow and ice removal. To do this, you need specific equipment such as a high ladder, snow removal tools and safety devices.

However, we strongly advise you to call in a qualified professional for the job, especially as it involves working at height on a potentially slippery surface. He has the necessary safety equipment and is in complete control of the situation.

Let us take care of your roof’s snow and ice removal this winter!

Squidgee Maintenance provides qualified and reliable experts to check the condition of your roof, as well as to remove snow and ice. These professionals are equipped with the best tools to carry out the job safely, without damaging the building’s roof or structure, and without endangering occupants or passers-by.

We work on various types of buildings, including residential, institutional and commercial on the North Shore, Laval and Bois-des-Filion. What’s more, we offer competitive prices and promise personalized services to meet your expectations.

How can you reach us?

For more information on our services, please call 514-500-8579. It’s also possible to visit our site and get a quick, free quote by filling out an online form. Please note that this is a no-obligation operation.

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