Our services in Terrebonne

Our Services in Terrebonne

Exterior maintenance of a building is essential to ensure the durability of the construction and the safety of its users. This is also necessary to maintain a clean, new and fresh appearance. We recommend that you entrust this task to qualified professionals who have mastered the techniques appropriate to each situation. Entretien Squidgee offers commercial, residential and institutional exterior cleaning services in Terrebonne, Quebec. What services do we offer?


Gutters drain rainwater away from the roof, away from the building’s foundations and structure. Water infiltration in these areas encourages the growth of mold and the formation of cracks, which worsen as dampness sets in.

That’s why it’s essential to unclog and clean your gutters regularly, especially in autumn, so they can play their protective role effectively. Our professionals always check the condition of the pipes and levels of blockage before intervening.

They then proceed with the actual cleaning, sending a powerful jet of water down the pipes before pushing the dirt out. Then they use the water jet to check that everything has been cleared. Finally, they inspect your eavestroughs to assess the general condition of the materials, and suggest the best course of action based on their findings.



Clean windows reflect hygiene and cleanliness, and allow natural sunlight to illuminate the room during the day. This reduces energy costs and promotes the physical and psychological health of occupants.

Our technicians use quality equipment and cleaning products for institutional, commercial and residential window cleaning. They then follow the steps below to complete their mission without damaging the installations:

  • Dusting ;
  • Humidification ;

High-pressure washing revives walls or facades and eliminates mold and bacteria that have built up over the year. We therefore recommend that you carry out this type of cleaning once a year.

Our professionals have the right equipment for the job. They have mastered their handling to guarantee a result that lives up to your expectations, and to ensure the safety of surrounding fragile installations, such as bay windows or flowers.

They also carry out a thorough inspection beforehand to assess whether the general condition of the walls is suitable for this operation. This can lead to cracks forming on facades that are too old or already damaged. Our technicians can then suggest a repair before intervening.


Snow accumulation on the roof can sometimes be too much for the roof to bear. Problems such as subsidence, cracks and water infiltration can occur. This also puts passers-by, occupants and building users at risk in the event of a fall.

You can, of course, remove snow and ice from your roof yourself, but it’s a dangerous job. We recommend that you entrust the task to experienced professionals like Squidgee Maintenance to avoid accidents that can be fatal.

Our technicians know and master the safety measures to be applied during snow clearing to avoid endangering you and your property. They also have all the equipment needed to carry out the operation.


Entretien Squidgee offers reasonable and affordable rates for exterior maintenance in Terrebonne. Contact us by phone or send us a free quote via our official website to find out more about our services or to request a quote. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours for the second option. Our technicians also have a flexible schedule to suit your availability. Finally, the reliability and professionalism of the technicians we place at your service guarantee a risk-free intervention. Note that we also benefit from a high level of liability insurance in case of unforeseen events.

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