Our services in Blainville

Our services in Blainville

For occasional or regular maintenance work on your buildings or homes in Blainville and the surrounding area, put your trust in Entretien Squidgee. Our exterior cleaning services are designed for the residential, commercial and institutional sectors. We offer a range of services to meet your needs, whatever your budget. Our field operatives have received specific training to guarantee you a quality service that meets current standards.


Squidgee maintenance takes care of washing your windows in complete safety. We use effective products, and our work is carried out with strict respect for the working environment. Our team always keeps the state of the premises intact after their visit.

Our technicians can clean at heights of up to 150 feet. We have the equipment needed to provide the best window washing services in Blainville.

We also clean gutters in Blainville. Our agents are experienced in the maintenance of blocked water passages. To avoid damage to your home or building, take action in good time in the event of water seeping through to the roof.

We are also experts at repairing leaks and extending return pipes. Our cleaners can restore your home’s gutters to full working order. We can also recommend simple solutions to reduce the risk of blockages in these water pipes.

Our services also include regular inspection of the condition of your home’s gutters if the roof is difficult to access. We’ll also give you our expert advice on how to carry out this inspection work yourself in the lowest-risk situations.



There are many reasons why you should regularly maintain and clean your eavestroughs. Because they effectively drain all the water from your roof, they have vital functions in protecting your structures from water infiltration.

Indeed, if they no longer perform their role optimally, water may seek other ways to evacuate. Drainage can attack your walls and cause water to seep into the house. Water running down walls can also weaken a house’s foundations. This compromises the longevity of the entire housing structure and can create unpleasant stains along the facades.


To ensure that your eavestroughs are in good working order, you need to inspect them regularly. If you have a relatively low roof, or if the roof is easily accessible, you can do the job yourself.

Equipped with a ladder, you position yourself at the level of your gutter to inspect the pipes in detail. In autumn, this step needs to be carried out more frequently, as dead leaves tend to settle everywhere, having been blown about by the wind. The biggest challenge is to avoid leaning the ladder against the gutter, while still creating an optimum view of the ducts. In addition, check that there are no worn gutter segments that could cause water leaks and require replacement.


If you lack experience of working at height and/or are afraid of heights, we strongly recommend that you call in a professional for this inspection. Depending on the situation, our team will take the opportunity to clean and repair any wear directly. By relying on a specialist, you can be sure you won’t miss a thing when it comes to the condition of your gutters.


When it comes to cleaning, maintenance and inspection of your gutters, you can delegate these tasks entirely to us, safe in the knowledge that you’re leaving them in qualified, responsible hands. At Squidgee Maintenance, our team is professional, qualified and experienced. We have all the skills and equipment needed to carry out inspections and work to ensure your peace of mind.

We also deploy high-performance equipment for cleaning and to ensure the safety of our technicians. Depending on your requirements, we can install protective grids to prevent dirt from clogging up the pipes.

In all cases, we guarantee that our work will be carried out to the highest standards. A serious team will advise you and suggest the best solutions to optimize the operation of your eavestroughs. You can see for yourself how serious and diligent we are about our work.

  • High-pressure cleaning adapted to the needs of the residential, commercial and institutional sectors;
  • Competitive rates in Blainville and surrounding areas;
  • Environmentally friendly washing;
  • Efficient process for removing grease stains;
  • Effective graffiti removal method;
  • Exterior wall cleaning ;
  • Pressure washing compatible with all types of materials: concrete, brick, wood, steel;
  • Laundry services easily accessible to all;
  • Free estimates ;
  • Fast, professional execution.
  • With our Blainville roof snow removal services, you can face winter with peace of mind. Squidgee Maintenance has a specialized team for snow and ice removal from roofs and roofing. We also take care of all preventive and winter maintenance according to your requirements.

    Snow and ice build-up must be dealt with in good time to avoid damage to your home. For emergencies in Blainville and the surrounding area, you can contact us and our team will respond promptly. We are used to carrying out delicate operations.

  • Private residences ;
  • Condominiums ;
  • Single-family homes ;
  • Companies;
  • Industries ;
  • Commercial premises ;
  • School ;
  • New construction ;
  • Trucks ;
  • Condominium towers;
  • Underground parking…

We are at your disposal for all your outdoor cleaning jobs in Blainville. You can reach us online via our website. With our responsive customer support, you don’t have to wait more than 24 hours for feedback.

You can fill out the form on our home page to get a free quote. All you need to do is provide your name, contact details and the services you require. You can also call or e-mail us.

Let us know what your outdoor cleaning and maintenance needs are, and we’ll take care of the rest. We do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction in every situation in which you call on us.

We offer simple but effective solutions without charging you for our estimates. Our agents carry out their tasks with meticulous care and professionalism, and we always make sure to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Contact us if you have any questions, requests or projects. Our certified agents are at your disposal. Our 15 years of experience in exterior cleaning make all the difference. We work on all types of exterior cladding, and our experts in the field let you take part in every stage of the work if you wish.

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