High-pressure washing

High-pressure cleaning on the North Shore, Laval and Bois-des-Filion

Does the front of your house no longer look so bright? A good high-pressure cleaning is undoubtedly your solution! From the paving stones around your pool to your asphalt driveway, from the roof to the balcony, we can clean them up just as beautiful as they were originally. This service is also available for commercial establishments of all kinds, residential condominium towers and underground parking facilities.

Some of the benefits of Squidgee Maintenance:

  • Exterior wall cleaning
  • Residential,Commercial & Institutional
  • School, home, retail…
  • Post-construction washing
  • Truck cleaning
  • Machinery up to the task
  • 2 million in liability insurance
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Work can be carried out up to 150 feet
  • More…

Are you looking for service providers to wash your walls and facades? You’ve come to the right place. We ensure impeccable results with high-performance equipment and a team committed to a job well done.



    High-pressure cleaning is a technique that involves applying high-pressure hot water to walls and facades using specially designed equipment. This method is considered aggressive on substrates, but is particularly effective for removing all types of stubborn dirt. High-pressure washing gets rid of grease stains, dust, paint residues and other dirt and grime on your wall. Generally speaking, it’s best to carry out a full high-pressure cleaning of the walls once a year. This will prevent excessive soiling, which could cause permanent damage to the paint or other materials on the facade. High-pressure washing is not recommended in winter. There’s a risk of thermal shock that could weaken the wall. It’s also essential to carry out a general check-up before embarking on the pressure-washing process. A facade in poor condition and deteriorated joints can lead to water infiltration as a result of high pressure.


    High-pressure washing is carried out step by step. First, inspect the condition of the wall and facade. In fact, a high-pressure jet of hot water can cause further wear and tear to a wall that’s already in poor condition. Next, you need to protect the areas around the wall, such as windows, doors and bay windows, which may not be able to withstand the excessive pressure of the jet against the wall. You should also consider covering the flower beds around the area to be cleaned, if necessary.

    Only then does the cleaning team proceed to the complete washing of the wall. You need to set the machine to the right pressure for each material to optimize washing and avoid damaging the wall or facade. Cleaning should be carried out from top to bottom of the facade to avoid soiling previously cleaned surfaces.


    High-pressure cleaning can be applied to a wide range of facade and wall materials. It can be wood, stone, brick or concrete. It’s a safe operation as long as pressure and temperature are kept under control. In fact, there is a suitable pressure for every type of equipment. What’s more, it’s even possible to clean windows by adjusting the pressure to the authorized level. In any case, high-pressure washing is not recommended for old facades. Even if there’s no visible wear on the outside, the high-pressure jet applied to its surface can damage it, creating the risk of water infiltration later on. In this case, gentle low-pressure washing is recommended.

    If your facade is showing signs of fragility in certain areas, it’s best to repair it before high-pressure washing. This will avoid increasing the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.


    High-pressure hot water spraying is a dangerous technique both for the wall and for the operator of the device, if the latter does not master the process properly. That’s why we strongly advise you to call on professionals for this type of work. Squidgee Maintenance provides a highly qualified and experienced team that will provide precise and professional cleaning of your commercial, industrial or residential buildings.

    We deploy a wide range of equipment to make this task quick and efficient. We can also clean your walls at height, equipping our technicians with the appropriate protective equipment. You can rely on our quality of service and unbeatable prices.

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