Our services in Montreal

Our services in Montreal

At Squidgee Maintenance, we offer several services for the cleaning and maintenance of your buildings and homes. You can call on our professionals in and around Montreal for window cleaning services, eavestrough cleaning, snow and ice removal for your roofs, and high-pressure washing for your walls and facades.


Glass structures are an integral part of the modern architecture of today’s homes and commercial establishments. While this material brings undeniable aesthetic appeal to a building or home, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking its best.

At Squidgee Maintenance, we can wash all your windows, doors, bay windows and mirrors. Our team is equally at home in commercial premises, private residences, institutional establishments and offices.

You can rely on us for all your work at height. In fact, our team has the protective equipment and materials needed to clean your windows up to 150 feet.



Gutters are used to drain water from the roofs of houses and buildings. So, if their ducts are blocked, they will no longer be able to perform this function optimally. It’s likely that the water will seek other escape routes, such as through walls and facades, which could compromise the longevity of the house.

That’s why it’s important to clean your eavestroughs regularly. Autumn leaves and other dirt can quickly accumulate in the ducts.

However, it is not advisable to carry out this task yourself. Indeed, the fact that these elements are located at height makes cleaning them tricky and dangerous. So call on professionals like Squidgee Maintenance. We have the necessary equipment to carry out the cleaning in complete safety.


De-icing and clearing snow from the roofs of houses and buildings are also steps that ensure the structure’s durability. In fact, too much snow accumulating on the roof weakens your home, creating unusual creaks and cracks along the interior walls.

If you do nothing to remedy the situation, it’s your interior doors that start to have difficulty closing and opening. You’ll also notice deformations on your ceilings that are visible to the naked eye. In short, your entire home is weakened.

Excess snow and ice on your roof can also become a hazard to other road users. A block could slip at any moment and seriously injure a passer-by. Finally, snow and ice build-up on the roof clogs drainage pipes, accelerating water infiltration inside your home.

For all these reasons, you should regularly de-ice and remove snow from your Montreal roof. Rely on Entretien Squidgee to carry out this kind of task for satisfactory, professional results.


Regular cleaning of residential and commercial facades in Montreal is a must. Entrust this task to Entretien Squidgee. We use high-pressure water jetting devices that will effectively remove all the dirt that has embedded itself on your walls.

High-pressure washing completely removes grease stains, dust and paint residues stuck to your facade. We suggest a thorough cleaning of your walls once a year. It is also not advisable to carry out this task in winter. In fact, the walls could be subjected to severe thermal shock, weakening them. We carry out high-pressure washing on different types of materials, adjusting the power of the jet according to the material to be cleaned.

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