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All about gutter cleaning

The benefits of having your eavestroughs unblocked and cleaned regularly

Animal remains, dead leaves or other undesirable elements that clog your eavestroughs can cause various problems to the structure and affect your comfort. It is then advisable to have your water drainage systems checked and cleaned regularly, especially in the fall.

Unblock gutters to prevent water infiltration

When gutters are clogged, water cannot flow freely and accumulates in the drainage system at the roof level. This can cause more or less important water infiltration problems that will weaken or even damage the whole structure. Humidity can also be the cause of many health problems, including respiratory problems. Thus, you should clean your gutters regularly to optimize the durability of your home and to preserve your health.

Clean gutters for a pleasant living environment

Dirty water that collects in the gutters attracts harmful insects such as flies and mosquitoes. In addition, it can release a foul, almost unbearable odor over time, especially if the tract is blocked by a dead animal. We therefore advise you to clean regularly to live in clean and favorable conditions.

Clean gutters to increase their life span

The accumulation of water in the eavestroughs promotes rusting and can lead to leaks after a while. However, the cost of repair or replacement can be very high. So, unclog and clean them regularly to optimize their life and therefore save money.


It is best to leave the checking, cleaning and unblocking of your gutters to professionals who have the equipment and skills to do the job safely and efficiently. At Squidgee Maintenance, we provide you with qualified and reliable experts for a reasonable rate. Please feel free to visit our official website or contact us directly for more information about our services.

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