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Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning in Ste-Thérèse

Squidgee Maintenance offers residential, commercial and institutional exterior maintenance services in Ste-Thérèse. We provide you with serious and experienced professionals in the field, who are committed to providing quality services. We also use the best equipment and products to guarantee results that meet your expectations without damaging your installations or compromising your long-term safety. Finally, our rates are among the most reasonable on the Canadian market.

What types of service do we offer?

Please note that we offer our services for different types of buildings: residential, commercial and institutional.

Snow removal from Ste-Thérèse roofs

Snow removal or de-icing is essential in winter to keep the roof in good condition and to prevent water infiltration. However, this type of operation is reserved for experienced professionals in order to limit the risk of accidents such as falls or slips.

The professionals that we put at your service know all the measures to be taken to preserve their safety during the intervention and not to damage the surrounding structures.

They also have the appropriate equipment, including ladders, safety devices and even a dedicated tool to push back snow. They have mastered the use of their tools perfectly and are committed to doing quality work.

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Ste-Thérèse window cleaning

Clean windows guarantee good penetration of natural sunlight into the room. Occupants are thus in a better mood and in good mental and physical health. This significantly increases productivity in addition to reducing energy costs, especially in winter.

However, the task requires a lot of techniques and precautions in order to preserve the windows. Our professionals use specialized tools and products for optimal cleaning without leaving marks or scratches. They also use demineralized and deionized water for more efficiency.

Our advice: avoid washing windows during winter to avoid damaging them. Temperature variations in contact with cleaning products or hot water could indeed cause cracks or even break them.


Ste-Thérèse high-pressure washing

Pressure washing is particularly effective in getting rid of mold and fungus that have built up on walls over the years. This operation also revives their colors and gives them a second life. It is also effective in removing dirt that has accumulated on trucks during use.

Our technicians check the condition of the constructions before intervening to assess whether high-pressure washing is safe. They can then advise you to make repairs first if they detect any cracks or any other problem so as not to cause further damage. We also do not recommend that you choose this cleaning option for older buildings.

Professionals then start by installing devices to protect fragile installations such as windows or even gardens. Finally, they carry out the actual washing, proceeding from top to bottom to guarantee an optimal result.


Cleaning Ste-Thérèse gutters

Gutters protect the foundation, walls and roof of a building against the flow of rainwater. The humidity that is created over the years could indeed lead to the formation of mold and cracks in these structures. Repairs can be very expensive.

We therefore recommend that you regularly check your gutters to see if the water drainage is still fluid. You can call on us at this stage. We then do the cleaning by sending a powerful jet of water through the ducts that will drive the dirt out.

We then check if the water flow has returned to normal and examine the condition of the materials. We may suggest repairs or renovations. Note that regular cleaning of gutters is all the more important in the fall, when dead leaves accumulate.

How to contact us

You can contact us directly by phone or visit our premises for additional information on our services and prices. It is also possible to request a free quote through our site. This does not commit you to anything, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our flexible hours allow us to schedule our work according to your availability.

Our Services

Roof Snow & Ice Removal

  • 15 years of experience
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Flexible and variable hours
  • Certified professionals
  • You can observe the work at any time
  • More…

Window Cleaning

  • Wash with demineralized and deionized water
  • 15 years of experience
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Flexible and variable hours
  • Certified professionals
  • You can observe the work at any time
  • Glass height up to 150 feet
  • More…

Gutter Cleaning

  • Installation of high-quality protective screens available in several colors
  • Repair of leaks and extension of drains
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Flexible and variable hours
  • Certified professionals
  • Gutters of any height
  • More...

High pressure washing

  • Exterior wall cleaning
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • School, home, or retail
  • Post-construction wash
  • Truck cleaning
  • Machinery works at any height
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Work can be done up to 150 feet
  • More...

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