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Window and Gutters Cleaning in Blainville

For occasional or regular maintenance work on your building or home in Blainville and the surrounding area, trust Squidgee Maintenance. Our exterior cleaning services are intended for the residential, commercial and institutional sectors. We offer different types of services to meet your needs, whatever your budget. Our field specialists have received specific training to guarantee you a quality service, meeting the highest standards.

Our exterior cleaning services

Squidgee Maintenance takes care of washing your windows in complete safety. We use effective products and our solutions are carried out with strict respect for the work environment. Our team always keeps the condition of the premises intact after their visit.

Our technicians can take care of cleaning at heights up to 150 feet. We have the necessary equipment to provide the best window cleaning services in Blainville.

We also offer solutions for cleaning gutters in Blainville. Our experts in clearing blocked water passages will take care of it. To avoid damage to your home or building, react promptly to any water infiltration from the roof.

We are also masters at repairing leaks and extending drain pipes. Our cleaning experts are able to restore the gutters in your home to make them fully operational again. Note that we can direct you to simple solutions to limit the risk of blockage in these water pipes if necessary.

Our services also include regular inspection of the condition of your home’s gutters in the event that your roof is difficult to access. We also provide you with our expert advice to carry out this inspection work yourself in lower risk situations.

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The specifics of our Blainville pressure washing services

  • High pressure washing adapted to the needs of the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.
  • Competitive rates in Blainville and the surrounding area.
  • Healthy washing that respects the environment.
  • Efficient process for removing grease stains.
  • Efficient method for removing graffiti.
  • Cleaning exterior walls.
  • Pressure washing compatible with all types of materials: concrete, brick, wood, steel.
  • Washing services easily accessible to all.
  • Free estimates.
  • Professional and fast execution.



    Our winter snow and ice control services

    With our Blainville roof snow removal services, you will face winter with serenity. Squidgee Maintenance has a specialized team for snow and ice removal. We also take care of all preventive maintenance and winter maintenance according to your requests.

    Snow accumulation and ice problems must be addressed in time to avoid damaging your home. In case of emergency in Blainville and the surrounding area, you can contact us and our team will take care of you quickly. We are used to delicate operations.

    Our clients in Blainville

    • Private residences
    • Condominiums
    • Single-family homes
    • Companies
    • Factories
    • Commercial premises
    • School
    • New construction
    • Trucks
    • Condominium towers
    • Underground parking

      How to use our services?

      We are at your disposal for all your exterior cleaning work in Blainville. We can be reached online from our site. With our responsive customer support, you don’t have to wait more than 24 hours to receive our response.

      You can complete the form available on our home page to receive a free quote. All you have to do is provide your name, the means of contacting you and the services requested. You can also call us or email us.

      Let us know your exterior maintenance and cleaning needs and we will take care of the rest. We do our best to ensure your satisfaction in any situation.

      We offer you simple but effective solutions, without charging you for our estimates. Our agents carry out their missions with thoroughness and professionalism and we always make sure to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

      Contact us if you have any questions, requests or projects for us. Our certified professionals are at your disposal. Our 15 years of experience in exterior cleaning definitely makes the difference. We work on all types of exterior cladding and our field experts let you observe all stages of the work if you wish.

      Our Services

      Roof Snow & Ice Removal

      • 15 years of experience
      • Residential, commercial & institutional
      • 2 million liability insurance
      • Flexible and variable hours
      • Certified professionals
      • You can observe the work at any time
      • More…

      Window Cleaning

      • Wash with demineralized and deionized water
      • 15 years of experience
      • Residential, commercial & institutional
      • 2 million liability insurance
      • Flexible and variable hours
      • Certified professionals
      • You can observe the work at any time
      • Glass height up to 150 feet
      • More…

      Gutter Cleaning

      • Installation of high-quality protective screens available in several colors
      • Repair of leaks and extension of drains
      • Residential, commercial & institutional
      • 2 million liability insurance
      • Flexible and variable hours
      • Certified professionals
      • Gutters of any height
      • More...

      High pressure washing

      • Exterior wall cleaning
      • Residential, commercial & institutional
      • School, home, or retail
      • Post-construction wash
      • Truck cleaning
      • Machinery works at any height
      • 2 million liability insurance
      • Unbeatable prices
      • Work can be done up to 150 feet
      • More...

      For commercial or residential maintenance, it's just a phone call away!

      With Squidgee, maintenance is no longer a problem.

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