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Window and gutter cleaning in Laval

At Squidgee Maintenance, we take care of the maintenance and cleaning of your exterior walls, windows, roofs and gutters. We operate in Laval and the surrounding area thanks to our equipped mobile units. Our services are intended for individual homeowners, but also for commercial and institutional establishments. Trust us for your cleaning work. You will benefit greatly from the know-how of our technicians and their years of experience.

Our exterior wall cleaning services

Squidgee Maintenance uses efficient techniques and equipment for cleaning exterior walls. In particular, we take care of the facade of your building using a high-pressure washing system.

Whatever the type of exterior cladding (brick, stone, wood, etc.), our team are prepared for it. Each time they make sure to work with thoroughness and perfectionism. We clean walls that have lost their shine due to wear and tear in order to renovate them. Even deep soiling and graffiti cannot resist the process we use.

We also take care of washing the walls after construction. You can also request our high-pressure washing services in Laval to clean your floors, house roofs and other structures.

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Our gutter cleaning services in Laval

Cleaning gutters is delicate, even dangerous, especially if your roof is very high. Caution requires that you entrust this task to professionals. Squidgee Maintenance provides you with an expert team equipped with cutting-edge security equipment. They take care of the structure of your gutters during the cleaning work.

An inspection is done before each cleaning. It is not enough to remove dirt and objects that are blocking the pipe. Our technicians first study the level of blockage in the ducts before opening the pipes. And once the gutter regains its function, they do a rigorous check and inspection.

The pluses of the Squidgee Maintenance

  • Maintenance and cleaning work meeting the requirements of all private customers, companies and institutions.
  • Safe construction even at height, and installation of protective screens.
  • High pressure washing depending on the circumstances.
  • Maintenance of gutters accompanied by repair of leaks and extension of drains if necessary.
  • Services offered at flexible and variable hours;
  • Work carried out by certified experts.




    Our Laval window cleaning services

    Our Laval window cleaning services are performed with high efficiency, using specific, proven methods. Beyond high performance, our solutions do not endanger anyone in the vicinity – neither your pets nor your plants. In all cases, we use the best cleaning products, and the water used for washing is demineralized and deionized.

    We can take care of washing your windows, even those located at heights up to 150 feet. Our exterior cleaning experts are always rigorous and precise to avoid damaging your building or your home. With Squidgee Maintenance, you have the opportunity to see all the cleaning steps.


    Our Laval roof snow removal services

    Squidgee Maintenance responds quickly to any problem related to snow and ice damage. We de-ice the roofs and walls of your home. You can trust us even in situations that seem difficult to resolve.

    Preventive maintenance is also possible to help you face the winter period in complete safety. Our maintenance work saves you from the incidents frequently encountered during the cold season.

    Our fields of expertise in Laval

    • Commercial premises
    • Schools
    • Residential condominium towers
    • Underground parking lots
    • Institutions of all kinds
    • Trucks blocked en route
    • Single-family homes
    • Companies
    • New constructions

    Why use our services?

    Squidgee Maintenance prioritizes value for money in all the services offered. We guarantee meticulous work for the satisfaction of our customers. We always do cleaning, maintenance and inspection. Our know-how and our commitment are the basis of our exceptional results.

    Please do not hesitate to request a free quote on our site if you wish to use our services. Contact us online by sending us your queries by email or by calling us directly.


    Our Services

    Roof Snow & Ice Removal

    • 15 years of experience
    • Residential, commercial & institutional
    • 2 million liability insurance
    • Flexible and variable hours
    • Certified professionals
    • You can observe the work at any time
    • More…

    Window Cleaning

    • Wash with demineralized and deionized water
    • 15 years of experience
    • Residential, commercial & institutional
    • 2 million liability insurance
    • Flexible and variable hours
    • Certified professionals
    • You can observe the work at any time
    • Glass height up to 150 feet
    • More…

    Gutter Cleaning

    • Installation of high-quality protective screens available in several colors
    • Repair of leaks and extension of drains
    • Residential, commercial & institutional
    • 2 million liability insurance
    • Flexible and variable hours
    • Certified professionals
    • Gutters of any height
    • More...

    High pressure washing

    • Exterior wall cleaning
    • Residential, commercial & institutional
    • School, home, or retail
    • Post-construction wash
    • Truck cleaning
    • Machinery works at any height
    • 2 million liability insurance
    • Unbeatable prices
    • Work can be done up to 150 feet
    • More...

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