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Snow and ice removal from roofs Blainville

Entretien Squidgee offers a snow and roof de-icing service in Blainville. We provide you with qualified, experienced, serious, caring and above all very well equipped professionals to carry out the mission safely and without damaging your roof. In addition, we offer very competitive prices.

Why do you need to remove snow and ice from your roof?

Roof snow and ice removal is essential in winter for the following two main reasons:

Preserve the roof

Your roof may end up cracking, sagging or even collapsing under the weight of the mass of too much snow or ice that has accumulated on it. You could also face long-term infiltration issues if you don’t do your snow or ice removal on time.

Protect your safety and that of passers-by

On the one hand, the collapse of your roof following a significant accumulation of snow or ice could seriously injure the occupants of the house and cause significant material damage. On the other hand, a possible fall of snow or ice from your roof would be particularly dangerous for passers-by.

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Why entrust the snow removal or de-icing of your roof to a professional?

Roof snow and ice removal are work at height that could be extremely dangerous for an inexperienced person. In addition, the intervention requires know-how and special measures to avoid damaging the structure and to guarantee the safety of passers-by and occupants of the house. Finally, the possession of complete professional equipment and quality is essential for all this.


How to contact us ?

Do you live in Blainville and would like to hire us for snow and ice removal from your roof? Contact us by phone at 514-500-8579 or fill out the online form directly to get a free quote as soon as possible.

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