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Snow and ice removal from roofs and drains on the North Shore, Laval and Bois-des-Filion.

Residential, commercial and institutional snow and ice removal

Risk of snowfall, ice near the roof – our unit can melt ice and snow without danger to the building or to pedestrians on the ground.

Your roof can sag when there is a considerable accumulation of snow or ice. The snow that accumulates on the roofs presents a significant risk, both residential and commercial, for the structure of your house or your business, as well as for you, the people who circulate near your building and the employees of your business. .

Entretien Squidgee has a professional team and all the equipment and materials necessary to perform snow and roof de-icing safely.

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So, have you considered regularly removing snow and ice from your roof? This process can be vital for your home for a number of reasons. Squidgee Maintenance can take care of it, ensuring both the longevity of your building and the safety of people coming and going.

Why remove snow and ice from your roof?

Snow and ice removal from your roof are very important operations for your building, even if you don’t necessarily pay attention to it. Indeed, we tend to believe that snow and ice melt on their own when it stops snowing. But things don’t turn out that way.

The snow and ice are actually piling up. Cracks can then appear in the structure due to the weight, which is likely to cause water infiltration inside the house. At the same time, your walls and insulation deteriorate more quickly due to high humidity.

Deformations of the ceiling can also be caused by this excess weight. The consequences may also be seen in the interior doors, which become more and more difficult to close or begin to rub.

This accumulation of snow and ice on your roof ends up weighing down the roof, and the structure of the house weaken. Without preventive action, a collapse can occur in some weakened places.

The longer you wait before removing snow and ice, the higher the repair costs may be. And the greater the damage.


The importance of regular inspection

If you do it right and at the right time, it is not mandatory to proceed directly to systematic snow and ice removal from your roof. First and foremost, you should perform a regular inspection of the snow and ice level on your building.

The snow and ice covering the roof must exceed a certain thickness before planning snow removal. This inspection should be done regularly to avoid excessive build-up.

You can perform this inspection yourself. But as a precaution, since the operation is being performed high off the ground, it is best to leave this task to the care of professionals who know what they are doing. The professionals at Squidgee Maintenance in particular can take care of this!

Snow and ice control: turn to the experts

Similar to inspecting the snow and ice level on your roof, you can do snow and ice removal from your roof yourself. You need a high ladder and a safety device, not to mention specific equipment to remove snow and ice.

However, this is an operation that benefits from the experience and know-how of a professional. For instance, it is necessary to leave a certain amount of snow in place, which will serve as a protective layer.

We can take care of this type of work. We have all the necessary equipment to carry out the operation in the right conditions and ensure an impeccable result.

Why trust us?

We have a professional team with the necessary qualifications for all maintenance work on the exterior of houses and other buildings. Our experience and our know-how are guarantees of work carried out in accordance with high standards.

Our technicians are also warm and welcoming and demonstrate unwavering commitment in carrying out their tasks. You can even watch the construction work to keep an eye on the progress of the work.

Efficient and sophisticated equipment

In order to get a job done well, our team of technicians benefits from a full array of modern equipment. This equipment not only guarantees their safety – especially for work at height – but also the performance of maintenance and cleaning in accordance with high standards.

Quick jobs with professional results. This is our credo.

Advice and inspection

Our team can also take care of inspecting your roof to detect any cracks and water infiltration. Then we will notify you of any small repairs to be made.

In any case, we remain at your disposal. Our professionals are happy to provide advice to help you better maintain your roof and extend its longevity.

Request a quote now for your future roof snow and ice removal project.

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Roof Snow & Ice Removal

  • 15 years of experience
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • 2 million liability insurance
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Window Cleaning

  • Wash with demineralized and deionized water
  • 15 years of experience
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
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  • You can observe the work at any time
  • Glass height up to 150 feet
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Gutter Cleaning

  • Installation of high-quality protective screens available in several colors
  • Repair of leaks and extension of drains
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Flexible and variable hours
  • Certified professionals
  • Gutters of any height
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High pressure washing

  • Exterior wall cleaning
  • Residential, commercial & institutional
  • School, home, or retail
  • Post-construction wash
  • Truck cleaning
  • Machinery works at any height
  • 2 million liability insurance
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Work can be done up to 150 feet
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