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The advantages of having your house windows washed before winter

The importance of snow removal from the roof in winter

The accumulation of snow or ice on the roof of a house or business exposes the occupants and passers-by to varying degrees of danger. Regular snow and ice removal is therefore essential. This operation should preferably be entrusted to a professional.

Snow and ice removal: what does it involve?

Snow removal consists of getting rid of the snow layer that accumulates on the roof of a residence or a professional building.

De-icing consists of eliminating the layers of ice that have formed after the succession of snowmelt and a period of thaw.

Why remove snow or ice from the roof?

It is important to remove snow or ice from the roof of your home or business before the snow or ice cover reaches 70 cm. Here are the reasons why.

To avoid damage to the infrastructure

The roof may collapse under the weight of accumulating snow or ice. It could even collapse if it is no longer in very good condition.

Snow and ice build-up on the roof can also lead to waterproofing problems and cracks in the walls. In any case, the cost of repairs can be high.

To ensure the safety of occupants and bystanders

The collapse of a roof can lead to significant human and material damage, especially in professional buildings with many people.

In addition, falling snow or ice can injure or even kill bystanders in extreme cases.

Let Squidgee Maintenance remove snow and ice from your roof

We strongly recommend that you seek the services of a professional like Squidgee Maintenance to remove snow or ice from your roof. The qualified experts that we put at your disposal are equipped with the best tools to carry out their mission in time and according to the safety standards. We also offer window washing, power washing and gutter cleaning services. We work in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore.

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