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Quebec regulations for snow removal from commercial building roofs

The importance of de-icing these eavestroughs in order to avoid breakage, water infiltration and injuries due to falling ice

Sometimes ice forms in the gutters because of a problem with the roof insulation. This can lead to more or less serious damage to the structure and put passers-by at risk. This is why it is important to have your eavestroughs checked regularly in winter and to de-ice them as soon as possible if necessary.

Why de-ice your eavestroughs in winter?

The mass of ice that is created can expand the gutter, causing significant cracks to form in the gutter over time and causing water infiltration problems. It may even burst due to the excessive pressure it is under. Also, falling ice blocks can seriously injure people passing by the evacuation system.

Who should you trust to de-ice your eavestroughs?

De-icing eavestroughs is a delicate and dangerous task that requires the intervention of a qualified professional like those at Squidgee Maintenance. Why should you use us?

Serious and competent experts

At Squidgee Maintenance, we put at your service qualified, serious and competent professionals who master the best techniques to de-ice your eavestroughs quickly, correctly and safely. Our experts will also check them and notify you immediately if repairs are required. They also give you practical advice on maintenance measures.

Well-equipped professionals and competitive rates

Our professionals are equipped with the best modern tools and master their use in order to carry out their mission safely and to satisfy you. In addition, we try to offer you reasonable and competitive rates while providing you with superior service. In addition, we accept a variety of payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Interact and American Express.

How to call us?

We offer our services in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. To request our services for the cleaning or de-icing of your eavestroughs, you can contact us by phone at 514-500-8579 or send us an email at entretien.squidgee@gmail.com. It is also possible to fill out the online form on our official website to get a free quote within 24 hours.

We offer other services!

Squidgee Maintenance also offers other interesting services such as snow removal or roof de-icing, particularly useful in winter. Snow and ice build-up on the roof can cause the roof to crack, sag or even collapse in the worst case scenario. You can also call on us for window cleaning or high pressure washing.

The professionals at Squidgee Maintenance are waiting for your call to check, clean or de-ice your eavestroughs this winter!

For commercial or residential maintenance, all it takes is a call!

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