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The different tools to clean your gutters

It is important to clean your eavestroughs at least once a year, in late fall. Indeed, the dead leaves that accumulate there could prevent the evacuation of water from rain or melting snow and ice in winter. In addition to damaging the structure, this can lead to water infiltration problems. If you have the necessary equipment, you can clean your gutters yourself. Here are the tools you need.

The different tools to clean your gutters

There are different tools that can be used for cleaning gutters.

– A telescopic lance

A telescopic wand has a curved end that allows you to pull leaves or other debris out of the gutters. It is usually extendable to several meters in length so that you do not have to move the ladder frequently.

– A blower or vacuum cleaner

A blower or vacuum cleaner is a motorized device that allows you to quickly clean your gutters by blowing or vacuuming away debris and dirt. In addition, the vacuum cleaner usually has a nozzle that you can attach to the end of the gutter. The best thing about this one is that it doesn’t require the use of a ladder.

– A gutter cleaning robot

Finally, it is now possible to entrust the cleaning of your gutters to a motorized robot that you guide with a remote control. This way, you can get rid of any debris that might clog the tracks by staying on the ground. In addition, the operation is generally fast.

Why hire a professional to clean your gutters?

Here are the two main reasons why you should still have your gutters cleaned by a professional.

– For security reasons

Gutter cleaning is a high level task that could be the cause of a more or less serious fall if you do not have a robot or a vacuum cleaner. It is therefore recommended to call a professional who has the expertise and safety equipment necessary to perform it.

– To check the condition of your eavestroughs

The best time to check the condition of your gutters is after they have been cleaned. To do this, you need to call in a professional who will then carry out a thorough inspection of all areas to identify any problems. He will then talk to you about it and propose the appropriate solutions.

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