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The advantages of having your house windows washed before winter

The advantages of having your house windows washed before winter

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to do the necessary maintenance to face this cool season, including washing the windows. But what are the advantages of this cleaning step before the arrival of the cold weather?

Energy saving

Dirty glass prevents the sun’s rays from naturally and optimally infiltrating your home. This means that there is less natural heat gain and you will have to rely solely on the heating equipment to ensure your comfort. Washing your windows before winter arrives will help reduce your heating costs.

The health

Lack of exposure to natural light leads to a state of depression, which is none other than the winter blues. With clear windows, the sun’s rays can illuminate the interior of the house, if only for a few hours. You limit the risks of winter blues and avoid relatively expensive treatments such as light therapy.

Less maintenance in winter

We tend to wash windows with hot water in cool weather. However, this implies a temperature variation that could cause cracks. The glass could even break if it freezes. We therefore advise you to wash your windows (or have them washed) now so that you can rest easy when winter sets in and preserve your infrastructure.

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Clean windows are more than a matter of hygiene, they are a guarantee of your comfort and health during the winter. Squidgee Maintenance offers window cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings. The certified professionals we put at your disposal use gentle products and quality materials for your complete satisfaction.

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