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The importance of removing snow and ice from your roof this winter

Quebec regulations for snow removal from commercial building roofs

Like any other building, commercial buildings are put to the test during the long winter season. Ice and snow accumulation are elements that can quickly deteriorate the roof of your premises. In order to carry out the snow removal of your roof as it should be, discover the regulations in force.

When to clear snow from your commercial premises?

The first thing to do is to regularly check the snow depth on the roof of your commercial buildings. Too heavy a load on the roof can damage the structure of the room. Generally, snow removal is required when the height exceeds 70 cm.

However, this inspection is more recommended after heavy falls or after a snowstorm. It is also not advisable to remove the entire snow layer from the roof. In fact, you should leave a layer of about fifteen centimeters to preserve the waterproofing membrane of your roof.

Some strict regulations to follow in Quebec

Snow removal and de-icing of your commercial and residential roofs are subject to specific regulations from the Quebec authorities. For example, it is mandatory to install pedestrian protection devices if snow and ice removal is likely to spill onto a walkway or street.

The part of the roof facing the busy walkways should also be equipped with an ice stop system and gutters. The snow removed should also be immediately piled at the curb. A snow removal permit may or may not be required, depending on the case.

What if you do the snow removal yourself?

Removing snow from a roof is an intense, physically demanding activity that requires dexterity and patience. This task is not recommended for any commercial property owner who wants to remove snow from his roof himself.

It is important to have the necessary equipment, namely a light and handy shovel with a long enough handle, a solid ladder that covers the height of the building and a safety harness firmly attached to an anchor point. These are the minimum requirements, but you can install a guardrail on the ground to delineate the pedestrian area.

For more security, call on professionals

The best way to remove snow from your roof is to use the services of professionals in the field. Indeed, a team specially dedicated to this task will be properly equipped and have the necessary skills to perform any task safely. The experience of the professionals will make the difference, whatever the situation.

At Squidgee Maintenance, we have over 15 years of experience in snow and ice removal for your commercial and residential roofs. Our team of technicians is certified and professional. In addition, you can assist and supervise the work at your leisure. We guarantee that the work will be carried out according to the regulations in force in Quebec.

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