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Pressure washing for the exterior of the house

The maintenance of the exterior of the house is carried out for aesthetic purposes as well as practical ones. Indeed, this operation allows both to extend the durability of the building and to preserve a beautiful facade. There are various solutions available. In particular, it is recommended to pressure wash at least once a year in addition to daily cleaning.


Make your home look like new

The bricks that make up the front of the house, the paving stones around the pool or the driveways tarnish over time because of the weather. Pressure washing is one of the best ways to revive them and give them back their original shine. This will make your home’s exterior look new and attractive. This will increase its value in the market. This is interesting if you are considering selling or renting your property.


Good adhesion of new paints

Are you planning to repaint the front of your house? Start with a pressure wash to thoroughly remove the residue of the old coating and get rid of other dirt that may have built up over the years. This is especially necessary if you haven’t done a renovation in a long time. Your paint will have a better adhesion, for a better result.


Prevent the proliferation of moss, mold or bacteria

Moss usually appears on the side of the roof less exposed to the sun. Similarly, mold and bacteria can grow on facades or in the gaps between bricks or pavers. All this is detrimental to the appearance of the house, and represents a real danger to health and to the construction itself. Regular pressure washing works in depth to effectively eliminate these harmful elements and prevent their proliferation. This protects you and optimizes the life of your assets.


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Squidgee Maintenance offers quality pressure washing services for the exterior of your home: facade, balcony, roof or even paving stones. We intervene as well with the private individuals as with the companies, schools and any other establishment. Get a quick quote through our official website to get a clear idea of the budget you need and the benefits you can also enjoy.

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