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Now is the time to empty your gutters and wash your windows before winter arrives!

Now is the time to empty your gutters and wash your windows before winter arrives!

Summer is coming to an end and winter will soon be upon us. It’s now more than ever the time to clean your gutters and windows.

Cleaning and maintenance of gutters

We are ready to clean your gutters, regardless of the height and structure of your house. We have the necessary equipment to work at height in complete safety. Our team proceeds to a meticulous inspection of each corner of your eavestroughs in order to detect the slightest debris such as dead leaves, small branches or other dirt.

We also test the watertightness of your eavestroughs during the cleaning process by spraying water on them. The slightest leak will be immediately filled to avoid any water infiltration inside your home.

If your eavestroughs are particularly close to trees, increasing the chances of dead leaves accumulating in them, we are prepared to install metal grates that will prevent dead leaves from falling into the drains. This will give you peace of mind for at least 3 years before you need to clean again.

Finally, whether you own a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building, you can call on our services. We clean your eavestroughs at flexible times that will not disturb the occupants of the house or the customers of your store.

Washing of windows

Windows play an important role in the aesthetics of your home. A nice clean window is always nice to look at from the outside. But its role is also to bring a maximum of natural light into a room. A window that is covered in dirt will not perform this task optimally. That’s why at Squidgee Maintenance, we take special care in cleaning your windows. We use demineralized and deionized water to ensure that your glass, metal and wood surfaces that make up your windows and bay windows are cleaned impeccably.

We do not use chemical detergents for ecological reasons. Our cleaning system is capable of removing any dirt, including limescale, from your windows. Whatever the height of your windows, we have the necessary equipment to carry out the work safely. We also intervene in residential as well as in industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

Why clean up before winter?

Cleaning your gutters is essential before winter arrives. In fact, with the dead leaves that accumulate in the ducts, water can stagnate. As the temperature gradually drops, this water will begin to freeze, causing further clogging of your gutters. Water will no longer drain properly and infiltration may occur inside your home.

As for windows, if you let dirt accumulate on your glass surfaces, freezing will make it difficult to clean them during the winter. It is therefore better to clean them before winter arrives in order to have clean windows all winter long with optimal visibility.

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