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Make sure you get your eavestroughs cleaned for the summer

Make sure you get your eavestroughs cleaned for the summer

Dead leaves, dust and other dirt sometimes accumulate in the gutters during the winter. It is essential to remove them before the arrival of summer and rain to ensure that the water can be properly drained to the outside. How to proceed then?

Why clean your gutters for the summer?

Any debris that may have accumulated in the eavestroughs over the winter can clog the eavestroughs, either completely or partially, and prevent the flow of rainwater in the summer. This may result in significant damage such as:

  • Gutter cracking;
  • Water infiltration problems in the walls that can damage the entire structure;
  • Moisture problems;
  • Overflows and bad odors due to the accumulation of dirty water.

Should you have your eavestroughs cleaned by a professional?

We recommend that you entrust the cleaning of your eavestroughs to a professional who masters all the techniques in order to carry out the mission correctly without risking damage to the installation. It also has all the necessary tools and equipment for an optimal, fast and safe cleaning.

Why choose Squidgee Maintenance?

We offer an eavestrough cleaning service in Montreal, on the North Shore and on the South Shore. For this purpose, we provide you with qualified, certified and experienced professionals who can adapt their working hours according to your availability. You can call on us for commercial, residential or institutional buildings. And because no one is ever safe from an accident, we are covered by a $2 million liability insurance in case of problems.

What are our services?

Apart from the actual cleaning, we can also install good quality protective fences. We also perform routine inspections to ensure that your eavestroughs are functioning properly and make any necessary repairs. We also note that you can call on us regardless of the height of your gutters. We have the necessary equipment to carry out the mission safely.

How do I get a quote?

You can get a free quote by filling out the form on our official website. To do so, you must provide your full name, phone number, address and email address and then select the service you are interested in. It is also possible to attach photos so that we can have a more detailed view of the situation. We send you a reply within 24 hours and we guarantee competitive rates. You can also reach us directly by phone at 514-500-8579 for more information.

Clean your gutters before summer!

Be sure to have your eavestroughs cleaned for the summer to ensure proper drainage of rainwater and to avoid problems such as water infiltration through the walls. For this, we offer our services for the best rates and we commit ourselves to realize a meticulous and serious work, up to your expectations.

For commercial or residential maintenance, all it takes is a call!

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