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Life on the North Shore of Montreal

The North Shore refers to the northern suburbs of Montreal, from the Laurentians to Lanaudière. It is also known as the North Crown. This territory of Quebec includes about twenty municipalities and has more than 550 000 inhabitants. How is life on the North Shore?

The North Shore: enjoying nature without leaving the city

Residents of the North Shore can take advantage of the various green spaces in Quebec while remaining close to the urban environment of Montreal. So after a busy week of work, you can have a picnic in the forest to breathe fresh air and get rid of all the stress that could be affecting your health.

The North Shore: a friendly place to settle your family

The North Shore is in some ways the perfect place to build a home and raise children. Quiet, safe and friendly, this part of Montreal offers them a healthy environment to grow and develop their intellectual, physical and social skills. In addition, interesting activities are regularly organized to keep young and old busy: block parties, contests of all kinds and many others.

What are the key activities on the North Shore?

Nature lovers will find their happiness on the North Shore of Montreal with walks in the forest, on foot or by bike, or visits to National Parks. This place is also close enough to ski hills for those who like winter sports: skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing or dog sledding, you have a wide choice of activities. You can also turn to urban areas to spend good times with family or friends at a restaurant or swimming pool for example.

To conclude

The North Shore (Laval, Blainville, St-Eustache, Rosemère, Terrebonne, etc.) offers you the comfort, calm and conviviality of suburban life, while allowing you to enjoy nature and large green spaces. But it is also close to the city, making it easy for workers to get around. The North Shore is also full of opportunities for those who are looking for quality, yet affordable real estate, whether to rent or buy.

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