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The importance of de-icing these eavestroughs in order to avoid breakage, water infiltration and injuries due to falling ice

Is it possible to repair your eavestroughs damaged by ice and snow?

Ice and snow can cause varying degrees of damage such as cracks in the gutters. Is it possible to repair this damage and who should do it? We tell you everything!

What is the damage caused by ice and snow in the gutters?

First of all, eavestroughs can sometimes break off under the weight of ice and snow that have accumulated inside. It is also possible to face water infiltration problems during thaw periods due to the obstruction of water flow paths by solid masses. In the end, all this can have major consequences on the structure and damage even the foundations.

Is it possible to repair eavestroughs that have been damaged by snow and ice?

The possibility of repairing gutters damaged by snow and ice depends mainly on the extent of the damage. In fact, replacement is more economical and beneficial than repair in the most extreme cases. This is why it is essential to regularly check your eavestroughs, especially in winter, to detect any anomalies as soon as possible.

Is it possible to repair eavestroughs damaged by snow and ice yourself?

For the simplest cases, it is sometimes possible to repair eavestroughs damaged by ice and snow yourself. Nevertheless, it is a high level intervention that can be dangerous for the less experienced. Therefore, it is always recommended to entrust this delicate mission to a professional. In addition, he has the required knowledge and the appropriate equipment to carry out the work correctly and in the shortest possible time without risking damage to the structure.

Who should you trust to repair your eavestroughs damaged by snow and ice?

Squidgee Maintenance is a quality partner to whom you can entrust the repair of your eavestroughs damaged by ice and snow. We put at your service qualified, serious and meticulous experts who will be able to carry out work up to your expectations in a record time. Our professionals can also perform routine checks and advise you on the best decisions to make based on the damage identified. Finally, we offer attractive rates.

How to contact us for the repair of your gutters?

You can contact us directly by phone at 514-500-8579 to request our services. It is also possible to obtain a free quote within 24 hours by filling out the online form on our website. We work in Montreal, on the North and South Shores.

Finally, we remind you that we also offer snow and ice removal services for roofs, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and high pressure washing for facades.

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