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Roof de-icing: usefulness and regulations

How much does window cleaning cost (Price)?

It is essential to regularly wash the windows of your home, industrial or commercial building so that daylight can properly illuminate the rooms. This is also a sign of cleanliness and hygiene. This type of cleaning generally requires the intervention of a professional who has the best equipment and masters the gestures to apply. Squidgee Maintenance offers just that.

Steps to follow for window washing

The technicians we provide will follow these steps to properly clean your windows without damaging them.

  • Dusting: it is essential to remove all traces of dust before proceeding with the actual cleaning in order to avoid scratching the windows.
  • Moistening: the professional then wets the surface to be cleaned with a mixture of deionized water and mild cleaning products adapted to the glass. This allows you to get rid of the most stubborn stains and dirt.
  • Scraping: he then uses a squeegee to get rid of dirt, water and cleaning products without leaving any traces on the windows.

You can request our services for the washing of all types of glass surfaces: windows, mirrors, doors, bay windows and even mosaics. We work indoors and outdoors and can handle the most difficult to reach areas or at heights (up to 150 feet). Finally, it is possible to call on us whether it is a house, a residential, commercial or industrial building.

The cost of our services

The cost of our services varies according to the scope of the services. We take into account, for example, the size of the building or the total area to be cleaned. We invite you to submit your project by filling out the form on the site. We usually respond within 24 hours. The operation is completely free and does not commit you to anything.

For commercial or residential maintenance, all it takes is a call!

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