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Make sure you get your eavestroughs cleaned for the summer

How much does a window cleaning cost?

It is essential to regularly clean the windows of a building for the aesthetic aspect, but especially to promote the passage of natural sunlight which is essential to preserve your health. However, it is a delicate mission that is best entrusted to a professional who has the right tools and products and who has mastered their handling to intervene safely.

What is the cost of a window cleaning?

The cost of a window cleaning can vary considerably from one provider to another. The rates depend on several elements such as :

  • Total number of windows to be cleaned;
  • The number of personnel required for the mission;
  • Materials to be used;
  • The nature and quantity of products needed;
  • The nature of the building: residential, commercial, institutional or industrial;
  • The duration of the intervention.

Note that the elements taken into account for the calculation of the cost of a service depend essentially on the cleaning companies.

Call us for a window cleaning!

At Squidgee Maintenance, we offer window cleaning services in Montreal, on the North Shore and on the South Shore. To do this, we provide you with well-equipped professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out the mission safely and without the risk of damaging the structures. We do, however, carry a $2 million liability insurance policy in the event of an accident.

In addition, our experts use only demineralized and deionized water for cleaning and can adjust their schedules to suit your availability so that you can attend the work. As far as our rates are concerned, we are committed to offering you the best prices for high quality services. You can now fill out the form on our official website to get a free quote. Feel free to attach photos for more details.

Our other services

We also offer gutter cleaning and pressure washing services for residential, commercial and institutional buildings in Montreal, on the North and South Shores. Our prices for these services vary according to the size of the building, the extent of the work, the products and materials to be used, the possible repairs to be carried out as well as the number of personnel to be mobilized. In any case, we always try to offer you the best rates on the market for quality work that meets your expectations.

It is also possible to go through our website to obtain a free quote or to contact us directly by phone at 514-500-8579 to get more information about our services. This requires no commitment on your part and we usually respond within 24 hours if you decide to contact us in writing. Please note that we accept a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Interac.

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