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Is it possible to repair your eavestroughs damaged by ice and snow?

Do I have to remove snow from the flat roof of my commercial building in Quebec?

Snow accumulation on the flat roof of a commercial building in Quebec endangers the structure as well as passers-by and can lead to lawsuits when the risks are too high. Therefore, regular snow removal is essential in winter. In addition, it is strongly recommended to call a professional for the intervention in order to limit the risks of injuries following a fall from a height for example.

Why clear snow from the flat roof of a commercial building in Quebec?

As mentioned above, too much snow on the roof of a commercial building is actionable. Nevertheless, it is mainly a question of security.

Snow could damage the drainage system (gutters)

Snow that accumulates on the roof can reach the drainage system and damage it if a drop in temperature that causes ice formation occurs. This can have more or less serious consequences such as cracking of the gutters or blocking of the water drainage channels.

Snow could damage the structure

Too much snow accumulation on the roof can expose the structure to the risk of cracking, which would lead to water infiltration problems in the long term. In rare cases, it is even possible for the flat roof of your commercial building to sag or collapse.

Snow could block access to some building systems

Sometimes the heating, air conditioning or plumbing systems of commercial buildings are located on the flat roof. Too much snow accumulation on the roof can block access to this equipment or even alter its proper functioning in the most serious cases.

Snow could fall on the ground and cause significant damage

It is also possible that a larger or smaller mass of snow falls from the edge of the flat roof of the commercial building, causing injury to passers-by, road users or substantial material damage.

Why should I hire a professional to remove snow from the flat roof of a commercial building?

Clearing snow from the flat roof of a commercial building is a job at height that exposes you to the risk of a sometimes fatal fall. We therefore recommend that you call on qualified professionals for the intervention. They have the necessary skills and equipment to avoid the risk of falling and to secure dangerous areas during snow removal to protect passers-by.

Conclusion: Call on Squidgee Maintenance!

Call on Squidgee Maintenance to remove snow from the roof of your commercial building in Quebec! We put at your service qualified and serious experts who will know how to carry out the delicate mission that you entrust to them in the respect of the rules and the standards in order to guarantee your safety and theirs. We also offer attractive rates for an optimal quality of service. You can get a free and quick quote by filling out the corresponding form on our website.

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