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All about gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to serious damage such as water infiltration, which can weaken the structure and foundation of the house. It is therefore essential to clean them at least once a year and to regularly check the condition of the materials. To do this, we recommend that you call on qualified professionals like Squidgee Maintenance, as the work can be dangerous and complicated depending on the height of your home.

How do we clean your gutters?

To effectively clean your eavestroughs, Squidgee Maintenance agents proceed as follows:

  • Verification of the condition of the pipes and identification of clogging levels;
  • Opening looks;
  • Powerful water jet to push dirt such as dead leaves or animal carcasses to the outside;
  • Sending a water jet to check if the pipes are unblocked.

Our experts are equipped with the best tools to properly clean your gutters and take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging the installations and the structure. For example, they make sure that the ladder does not lean against the gutters and crush them. In addition, they can suggest that you repair or replace damaged sections to prevent potential complications such as water leaks.

What are the benefits of using Squidgee Maintenance?

  • Certified professionals at your disposal;
  • Intervention in residential, commercial and institutional buildings;
  • Laying and installation of protective fencing;
  • Flexible hours.

Call on Squidgee Maintenance to clean your eavestroughs, regardless of their height, if you are on the North Shore, in Montreal and on the South Shore. Our rates vary according to the scope of the work, but we guarantee the best prices. You can also get a free quote on our site 24 hours a day. We also offer other services such as window cleaning, pressure washing, snow removal and roof de-icing.

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